Interlocking solar revolutionising installation

A simple UK manufactured solar system is revolutionising the in-roof industry with a system that is now comparable in price to a traditional on-roof system for the first time in industry history.

Solfit interlocking solar revolutionising installation

Solfit is a highly innovative product developed by a small team of UK solar installation engineers who didn’t find the solution they were looking for in the in-roof products already available on the market so set out to create what they had in mind.

The product they envisioned had to be fast and simple to fit, with minimum component parts, aesthetic, plastic free, strong, durable and watertight and be able replace the slates or tiles underneath it.

The resultant patented interlocking design of the Solfit modules is the driving force that has propelled the company to rapid prominence within the in-roof industry. The modules don’t require large plastic trays or complicated flashing systems, each panel simply interlocks with the next creating a completely watertight seal.

And, when it comes to the installation, Solfit assures us that ‘the fitting of the product could not be simpler’.

Compatible with all roofing types

Fitted from the ridge down, arguably the greatest benefit of this method of installation, and that most frequently highlighted by impressed installers, is that it avoids the need to work over panels previously fitted.

It is compatible with all roofing types and can be fitted with a variety of bottom flashing. Whilst installation engineers are still discovering this highly advantageous product it’s actually been around longer than many may realise; the first system was fitted seven years ago!

Solfit comes pre-framed with the PV double glass, tier 1 laminates and its ingeniously simple patented interlocking framing system also means it is not possible to install other panels with Solfit modules.

Initially developed for the new build domestic market, Solfit is finding favour in a whole new sector as it is also perfectly suited to the commercial over-clad market.

Commercial roofs at the end of their lives and afflicted with leaks and often weight loading issues can be easily over-clad in Solfit to provide a watertight solar PV roof over the existing roof, with or without additional insulation. 

The option to have transparent glass modules fitted to span sky lights as well as to allow natural light into the building or to be fitted with aluminium panels to go over vents and roof furniture is another exciting development for this versatile solution.

Solfit is able to provide an ingenious car port using the same all-black, slimline design as the roof panels. The carport is scalable up to a 12m span – big enough to house an emergency vehicle – with limited footings and no sub-roof required. The watertight roof panels are also made from bifacial double glass, so that natural light can pass through whilst still being durable. The carport is able to withstand well beyond the highest possible UK wind speeds.

The panels themselves are manufactured in China by Jetion Solar while the flashings, profiles and additional parts are all UK manufactured.


  • UK designed and owned
  • Fitted from ridge to eaves
  • Fast and simple to fit
  • Minimal component parts required
  • No plastic, all metal
  • Compatible with all slate and tile types
  • Watertight to 5-degree pitch
  • Compatible with optimisers and micro inverters
  • Double glass laminates
  • AA fire standard
  • UK manufactured flashings and component parts.
  • 15-year weather tightness guarantee
  • Sold through Midsummer, Edmundson’s, Amco
  • Domestic, commercial & car port solutions

Rapid expansion continues with new partnership

A recently announced partnership with Edmundsons Electrical brings together SolFit’s expertise in roof integrated solar systems and Edmundsons Electrical’s extensive network and experience in the electrical industry. 

Combining these strengths, they offer comprehensive, customer-centric solutions that empower businesses and individuals to embrace clean energy alternatives.

CASE STUDIES: Solfit in action

Solfit commercial over clad

An installation in Appleby, Cumbria

480 x Solfit 375Wp

Solfit domestic roof integrated PV

The game-changing in-roof panels won Solfit a contract for this 300-home site in Derby

Solfit interlocking solar revolutionising installation

Having come a long way since its humble beginnings over 15 years ago, Solfit is a company continually looking for ways to improve and remains excited by every big win.

Its most recent is back in the new build market where Wheeldon Homes has made the decision to switch to Solfit.

 Specified for a 430 home site located in Derby, this is the second new build site that Wheeldon has specified Solfit’s domestic product for and James Wheeldon, Director of Wheeldon Homes explains why the choice to go with Solfit again was an easy one commenting: “The ease at which this system can be installed in comparison to the rest of the market is making Solfit a powerful product when speed, quality and volume are the primary considerations.”

Solfit car port

Translucent panel design lets sunlight pass through, so there is no need for expensive internal lighting.

The watertight roof panels are made from bifacial double glass, so natural light can pass through whilst still being durable enough to withstand well beyond the highest possible UK wind speeds.