The product launch that is revolutionising solar installations on slate roofs

SpeedFlash®, the latest product launch from Genius Roof Solutions, streamlines solar installations on slate roofs with a quick, ‘no-drill through slate’ method that preserves roof integrity and improves both speed and ease of installation.

Speedflash The launch product that is revolutionising solar installations on slate roofs

Genius Roof Solutions is a family-run business driven by innovation, whose founder, Jimmy Hall, has introduced revolutionary products inspired by real-world challenges.

The forerunner – SolarFlash

Jimmy’s quest for simpler, time-saving solutions has led to the design of products that have become indispensable. SolarFlash, the forerunner to the new launch, was the result of chance remark by an installer who highlighted the need for a flashing solution for solar PV installations.

Jimmy is a roofer with over 50 years’ experience and the comment got him thinking. Roofs were not designed with solar in mind, so a solution was needed to bridge the gap between the desire to install solar pv panels and the need to maintain a roof’s integrity.

The only methods available at that time were either hanger bolts (drilling through the roofing material) or lead – neither compatible with maintaining roof integrity. With the lead touching both the bracket and the roofing material, any movement of the bracket is not independent of the roofing material and drilling exposes the roof to cracking, risk of moisture, moss growth and leaks so Jimmy sought a new solution.

After a few weeks in his workshop, and a few sleepless nights, he came up with a concept that enables the installer to maintain roof integrity.

The product, SolarFlash®, is a plastic flashing solution which ensures the weather tightness of the roof when refitting slates or tiles around a panel mounting bracket affixed to the rafter.

Over the past 12 years, the SolarFlash® method has become considered by installers as ‘the right way’ to install solar pv on slate roofs. Although it can take longer than short cut methods, competent installers and roofers opt for SolarFlash® to avoid the risk of call backs or damage to their customer’s roof, as well as to their own reputation.

Increasing numbers of installers proudly share their work on social media platforms and, when new installers and homeowners ask for advice, the SolarFlash® is almost always recommended. Despite this, slate roofs remain notorious for being tricky and time consuming with some companies opting to avoid solar installs on slate roofs altogether.

With continuous improvement a key company objective, Genius Roof Solutions tasked themselves with further alleviating slate roof challenges by developing an updated and quicker version of the SolarFlash® and the SpeedFlash was born.

SpeedFlash® – waterproof flashing for slates

Another inspired Jimmy Hall design, the SpeedFlash® builds on the hugely successful SolarFlash®, but, unlike its predecessor, does not require the removal of any slates. This significantly reduces both the installation time and the need for roofing experience.

It retains all the benefits of the SolarFlash® with no requirement for drilling, avoidance of load bearing and preventing water ingress, but significantly speeds up installation.

Initial feedback and demonstrations demonstrate that the SpeedFlash® installation method is approximately 60% faster, on retrofit slate roofs, than the SolarFlash®.

Each SpeedFlash® kit includes:

  • 1 SpeedFlash® Base and Cap
  • 2 x Shims (packings)
  • 1x Foam insert
  • 1 x Spring support
  • A galvanised steel tool is used to protect the slates on the second course.

“SpeedFlash has our engineers hooked! This revolutionary piece of kit has been a game changer on our installations, halving the amount of time required to install the mounting kit while retaining the roof’s integrity better than ever.

“SpeedFlash eliminates the need to remove any slates, and the installation tool protects the surrounding roof covering to allow for damage-free grinding. Using a hassle-free hook to secure it in place, SpeedFlash minimises slate disturbance while ensuring incredible durability and is compatible with countless manufacturers.

“This innovative new design exhibits everything Genius Roofing Solutions are known for; superb quality, exceptional durability and dedication to better the solar industry. SpeedFlash really is Genius.“

Glen Flanagan of EE Renewables

The SpeedFlash® streamlines solar installations on slate roofs with a quick, ‘no drill through slate’ method that preserves roof integrity. Ideal for 18” plus slates, it minimises the need for slate removal. Not recommended for 4” headlap composite slates.