Case Study

Sustainable case study at Deer House 

In this case study, isoenergy took on the exciting challenge of crafting and implementing a heating solution that harmonises seamlessly with the picturesque environment and aligns perfectly with the eco-conscious design of the 360m² Deer House.  

isoenergy tackles the challenge of creating a heating solution that blends seamlessly with nature's beauty at the 360m² Deer House in this case study. 

Developed by Guy Hollaway Architects, this architectural gem finds its home amidst ancient parkland within the enchanting High Weald area of outstanding natural beauty and exists partially within a conservation zone. 

Property type: Residential 
Technologies installed: Heat pump  
Collector type: Ground loops 
Size (kW): 14 
New/retrofit: New build 
Brand: CTC 

The recommended solution:   
The house was well insulated with open plan living and a glass front with views of the ancient parkland. The isoenergy solution consisted of a 14kW ground source heat pump and 800 meters of horizontal piping hidden from view. The plant room also housed a 500-litre water tank and 200-litre buffer. 

Key features:   
Heat pump – CTC Ecopart 14kW 
Tank DHW – 500ltr 
Buffer tank – 300ltr 

The concept and design for the house evolved from the discovery of a nearby deer leap – a sunken fence built into the wall of a forest park that prevented the animals from escaping during hunts in the Tudor period. 

isoenergy was asked to design and install a heating solution that was sympathetic to the natural surroundings and was consistent with the eco-built house.  

Due to the exceptional design of the house, the owners were granted permission to build the property in the countryside near Tenterden in Kent. Permission was granted using Paragraph 79 of the National Planning Policy, which supports permitting exceptionally designed pieces of architecture in the countryside that would not usually be accepted.