NIBE’s best-selling compact air source heat pump gets an upgrade

NIBE has, today, introduced its new air source heat pump announcing the F2050 as a ‘new and improved’ version of the company’s current best seller.

The F2050 announced today delivers several efficiency and operational improvements.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the F2040, using the same technology and maintaining the popular compact and sleek design, the F2050 delivers several efficiency and operational improvements.

Sustainability at heart

To minimise its Global Warming Potential, the F2050 is built with the R32 climate-friendly refrigerant. It is also extremely efficient, achieving Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) levels of up to 4.87.

The F2050 has an A+++ energy rating and a nominal sound power as low as 53dB(A), despite its small installation footprint. Designed to deliver extremely high efficiencies even in extreme conditions, NIBE claims that a heating system using the F2050 will deliver industry leading energy savings down to temperatures as low as -20°C.

Recognising the importance of smaller heat pumps, the F2050 has been developed to be installed under current permitted development planning regulations. The heat pump also meets minimum electrical standards for a ‘connect & notify’ status on the ENA database, removing the requirement to contact District Network Operators prior to installation, making it easier and quicker to install.

With the F2050 also MCS certified and listed on the SAP Characteristics Database, any installation using it will be eligible for funding and complies with latest building standards.

The F2050 will be available in two output sizes; F2050-6 and F2050-10 and the F2040-12 and F2040-16 sizes will remain on the market. Units are supplied with a filter ball valve, flexible hoses and factory fitted floor mounting stand with integrated condensate tray although the F2050 can also be wall mounted with BAU30 brackets.

The connected home

The new addition to the NIBE product range is compatible with NIBE’s S-series modules such as the VVM S320 indoor module or SMO S40 control module, enabling it to automatically adjust to the indoor climate which allows users to manage energy consumption, optimising savings.

The system can also connect to NIBE’s range of smart accessories, ranging from wireless controls, through to smart radiator valves. With an S-series heating system homeowners can create a highly efficient climate system, as well as controlling the heat pump wherever they are through the myUplink app. The PRO version of the app gives installers the of benefit remote diagnostics and fault finding, saving time on call outs.

You’ll be able to find out more about the F2050 at next week’s InstallerSHOW at Birmingham NEC where it will be showcased with the extensive NIBE range on stand H90.