Majority of motorists in the UK are unaware of EV-specific tyres 

Recent research has identified that 82% of motorists in the UK are unaware that it is possible to purchase tyres specifically developed for electric vehicles (EVs).  

The majority of motorists in the UK are unaware of EV-specific tyres – just 18% of motorists know tyres optimised for EVs are available to buy.

The research, from Apollo Tyres, polled 1,000 motorists to establish awareness of EV tyres. It reveals that awareness of these products is even lower among non-EV drivers. 86% of petrol and diesel car owners said that they were not aware of EV-specific tyres, compared to 62% of battery electric vehicle and hybrid car owners.  

The survey found that younger people are more likely to be aware of EV-specific tyres. 56% of those aged 18 to 24 are aware of these new products, compared to just 9% of those aged 55 to 64.

Despite the lack of knowledge about EV tyres, once made aware of them a majority (54%) of motorists surveyed believe that they should be fitted as standard to all EVs. Furthermore, 40% of those who drive an internal combustion engine car say that when they make the switch to an EV, they would prefer it to be fitted with tyres that had been developed specifically for use on an EV, even if they cost more than conventional tyres.  

The benefits of EV tyres 

EV tyres are designed to address some of the key characteristics of plug-in vehicles, and the needs and expectations of those who drive them. For example, EVs typically weigh more, generate higher torque from standstill and deliver greater straight-line acceleration, all placing increased load on the tyre. E 

Vs create little noise from their zero-emissions powertrain so other sources of noise – including the tyres – become more noticeable for vehicle occupants. EV owners also value any means by which they can maximise driving range between charges, so rolling resistance becomes an even more important requirement. 

Yves Pouliquen, head of sales and marketing at Apollo Tyres, said: “EV-specific tyres have the potential to deliver useful new benefits for owners of plug-in vehicles, and our survey suggests that once informed about EV tyres, motorists quickly appreciate the benefits.  

“As we transition towards a future dominated by EVs, it is evident that we must help motorists understand the properties of different types of tyres so they can make the most of the benefits.”