Heatwave and energy costs drive peak ‘solar panels’ UK searches 

As UK temperatures soared above 30 degrees daily recently, new research from The Eco Experts reveals that UK-based searches for ‘solar panels’ hit their highest point ever during this time. 

Solar panels being installed on the roof of a house

According to Google Trends data, on Thursday 11th August the UK user search interest for solar panels hit a score of 100 – the first time it has ever done so. This is an increase of over 100% from the previous two months’ average score (49.5).  

The week (8/11/2022) started with a search interest score of 58 but rose quickly to its peak score on Thursday, due to the strong sunshine the UK was experiencing throughout the week.  

Even more energy bills to increase 

With news of even more energy bill increases to come this year, many UK residents are clearly interested in capitalising on the weather by using solar panels to help to cut down their energy bills. Recent data from The Eco Experts National Home Energy Survey (April 2022) shows that 60% of UK residents want to go greener due to rising energy costs. 

The previous peak search score of 91 for ‘solar panels’ came in March 2022, the same month the 54% increase in the energy price cap was announced. 

The Eco Experts editor Charlie Clissitt said: “Obviously the rising energy bills and the unusually hot weather are extremely bleak situations, but it’s encouraging to see so many people in the UK turning to this green alternative.  

“Solar panels are quick to install, easy to maintain, and are looking increasingly sensible. The average three-bedroom property would break even on a solar panel system in about 11 years, but after the October rise in the price cap, you’ll break even in just seven years.”