Case Study

Brines Cottage gets a renewable makeover with isoenergy 

With this case study, isoenergy was approached by the new owner of Brines Cottage near Salisbury to design and install a renewable heating system. 


Property type: Residential 

Technologies installed: Heat pump  

Collector type: Air  

Size (kW): 12kW   

New/retrofit: Retrofit   

Brand: Nibe 

The recommended solution:   

Having completed a detailed assessment of the property, isoenergy recommended a 12kW Nibe air source heat pump with a 300L hot water cylinder and heating buffer tank. The equipment was installed in a newly created outbuilding, sized to ensure ease of access for serviceability and yearly maintenance. 

The specifications enable the home to have a ready supply of hot water all year round. The heat pump system is connected to a traditional radiator circuit and under-floor heating, providing a complete replacement to the previous fossil fuel boiler. 

Key features:   

12kW Nibe air source heat pump, Joule 300L hot water cylinder, Cordivari 100L buffer tank 


The new home owner has made a step towards helping climate change by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. The heat pump has reduced the carbon emissions of their heating system by over 80%, equivalent to over 3,000kg of Co2/annum.