British-made EV cables reduce carbon footprint

Further reducing the carbon footprint of electric vehicles in the UK, Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd (ZEV) has released a range of British-made EV charging cables.

Designed for charging the latest electric vehicles on the UK’s roads today the new cables are flexible and easy to handle, with lightweight connectors for connecting to both the charger and the vehicle. 

Available in a choice of colours to ensure they are either discreet for home-owners, or highly visible for safe use in public areas, the EV cables are also produced in two configurations as either a spiral (retractable) cable or straight for easier storage. 

Susan Finn, managing director, Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd, commented: “Owners of electric vehicles want to ensure that everything about their electric transport reduces their carbon impact – a vehicle producing zero emissions, powered by green energy, and a charging lead that is locally sourced to reduce global shipping distances. Our EV cables are manufactured here in the UK, which means fast, flexible production, reduced global shipping distances and dramatically reduced packaging used for transportation”. 

The ZEV cables are produced to the highest quality to be used for all vehicle types and applications, from workplace and depot charging, car share and car clubs, taxi and delivery vehicles as well as passenger and private vehicles. Designed to incorporate many features vital to today’s EV driver the cables are also lightweight meaning that the connectors can be handled even by those with reduced mobility, and the choice of a high contrast colour in the range offers better visibility for those with sight impairments. 

Launched in August, ZEV’s cables are another step in enabling businesses, as well as individual drivers, to accelerate their transition to a net-zero carbon world.