Baxi Heating takes home innovation award

The award, from the Innovation category was awarded for the Lancashire-based company’s hydrogen boiler, which was developed as part of its commitment to move away from traditional nature gas fired boilers in order to be a cleaner, greener manufacturing business.

“As a leading player in the British heating and hot water industry, we are determined to play our part in achieving the goal of being a net-zero company,” said Karen Boswell, managing director of Baxi Heating.

“We are developing technologies that will help customers to heat their homes and businesses without warming the planet and hydrogen should play an important role as it produces no greenhouse gases at the point of use.”

Baxi launched its sustainability pledge last year, which ensured that all of its products will work with low carbon energy by 2025. The company also manufactures boilers that run on 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas.

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