NIBE launches new heat pumps

NIBE Energy Systems has launched its new S Series of heat pumps which it says improves thermal comfort and saves energy, giving homeowners the opportunity to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Featuring a new look including a push-to-open aluminium door, new software and an updated touchscreen control, the S Series can be updated quickly and more frequently with expanded features.

These features include weather forecast compensation and GPS location services to enable heat pumps to automatically adjust to upcoming climate conditions. There is also wireless connectivity and voice assistant support so that users can connect and interact with their heat pump system from anywhere and at any time.

New installer features enable remote diagnostics and fault-finding, reducing the need for unnecessary site visits.

Phil Hurley, Managing Director at NIBE Energy Systems said: “I’m particularly proud of the new S Series, and the difference the products will make to homes and families. These heat pumps don’t just cool, heat, ventilate and supply homes with hot water – they revolutionise how it feels and performs.

“As we spend a substantial amount of time in our homes during this uncertain period, the importance of a comfortable and energy efficient home won’t go unnoticed. The new product line builds on what NIBE has always stood for by delivering maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption – making it easy to be smart.”
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