Paul Smith steps into the role as NIBE UK’s MD 

NIBE Energy Systems has announced the appointment of Paul Smith as managing director.

As the UK takes significant steps toward embracing low-carbon technologies, Paul is poised to lead the charge. His appointment comes at a crucial juncture as businesses and the general public seek to adopt low-carbon solutions to combat climate change, with the Government-backed Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) expected to gain momentum following increased grant funding. 

Paul expresses his enthusiasm for collaborating with various stakeholders involved in deploying heat pumps.

From housebuilders striving to meet the Future Homes Standard, to installers, whether seasoned experts or newcomers eager to upskill in heat pump technology, and to consumers transitioning from conventional boilers to heat pumps, NIBE UK, under Paul’s leadership, is eager and committed to make the journey to net zero as easy as possible. 

Paul, who started his mission at NIBE on Monday 16th October, said: “I am proud to have joined NIBE at this pivotal period in the UK’s transition to low-carbon technologies. As a heat pump manufacturer, we take immense pride in our product line and customer service.

“We are here to support house builders, installers, businesses, and consumers in the years ahead. A sustainable future benefits us all; to achieve it, we must work together to overcome the challenges that sit in our way. I am excited to see our vision become a reality.” 

Robust network of installers

NIBE Energy Systems has made substantial investments in support of this vision. After 17 years in the UK, the group has cultivated a robust network of installers through quality training and a bespoke NIBE Pro Partnership scheme. NIBE offers an impressive range of products, from ground source and air source heat pumps to innovative exhaust air and multi-source heat pumps alongside accessories, catering to diverse property types and heating requirements. 

The group’s interim report for the first half of 2023 highlights robust performance, marked by a nearly 30% increase in sales and significant improvements across the supply chain. 

NIBE is amid significant investments designed to elevate its capacity and capabilities through three major projects set for completion in 2023-2024. Located in Markaryd’s western industrial area, these initiatives are set to transform it into an international hub for climate control technology.

The projects being carried out in parallel encompass a state-of-the-art heat pump factory designed to boost production capacity and a cutting-edge Visitor Centre that will home a new exhibition, advanced training facilitates, visitor areas and meeting rooms. These investments represent a significant commitment to doubling production capacity, strengthening NIBE’s commitment as a global leader in climate control technology.