Renusol refines its mounting system for flat roofs

Newly acquired Renusol has launched its optimised FS10-EW system for mounting photovoltaic systems on flat roofs without penetration. Thanks to the innovative screw connection and the lightweight but high-tensile design, modules with a 10° inclination with an east/west orientation can be easily installed on any flat roof.

With its short rails and flexible rail connectors, the system is also able to compensate for temperature expansions, therefore preventing the installation from slipping over longer periods of time. Following the takeover by the PARI Group at the start of this year, the Cologne-based manufacturer is boosting its product range with this new system.

Rapid installation thanks to an optimized material outlay

In the new system, the screw joint between the rails and connectors does not need any nuts. The system requires just five main components and the standard Renusol module clamps, which makes mounting and storage very simple. The maximum rail length is 2.3 m. Fewer components and shorter rails provide advantages for wholesalers, who require less storage space; for installers, who can mount the rails quickly and easily; for transporting components to the site; and also for installation operators, as the intelligent design rules out installation errors or re-adjustment.

“All our mounting systems are designed according to the motto “keep it simple”. This is beneficial for purchasing, storage and mounting. Also, all our systems are modular, which makes life so much easier for tradesmen,” says Marko Balen, Product Manager at Renusol Europe GmbH. The FS10-EW rounds off the FS10-S / FS18-S product series – the south-facing system for flat roofs which has been available since 2016. “The Renusol product range now offers comprehensive solutions for flat roofs, pitched roofs, metal roofs and roof integrations,” comments Balen.

Flexible rail connections guarantee stability

Thanks to the innovative connection system for the horizontal rails, the system can expand and contract to accommodate temperature fluctuations without slipping. “Conventional systems with long rails may shift over time because they expand more when the temperature fluctuates and then slither down the slanted roof like a caterpillar. The connectors of our new FS10-EW are able to absorb and offset any temperature expansion. The FS10-EW remains exactly where it was mounted – in wind, snow and fluctuating temperatures,” says Marko Balen.

Lightweight structure for flat roofs

The lightweight construction boasting a system area load of 1.2 kg/m2 without a module and ballasting, and the design optimized in the wind tunnel enables solar installations to be mounted on roofs with particularly low load-bearing capacities, where penetrating the roof membrane is undesirable. By calculating the ballasting for each individual project, either simply online using the Renusol PV Configurator or by the Renusol technical service on request, the system stability on the roof is guaranteed without compromising the statics. “Safety is a matter of great importance to us. Our new product is certified, it has passed wind tunnel tests, and is designed to make our customers’ lives as simple as possible on site,” assures Balen.

The new FS10-EW mounting system for flat roofs is now available.