RECC receives official TrustMark approval

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) has been approved by TrustMark as a new scheme operator for businesses involved in renewables and related home improvement and energy efficiency sectors.

RECC members can now sign up to the Government-endorsed quality scheme in addition to their RECC membership, and benefit from inclusion on the TrustMark website, which helps homeowners find quality and expert local tradespeople.

RECC promotes high standards of consumer protection from its members who work with consumers wishing to buy or lease small-scale energy generation systems for their homes. RECC rigorously monitors and enforces compliance by its members. It is committed to providing a benchmark for all of its TrustMark registered firms by ensuring its organisational processes, principles and procedures are maintained to a high standard.

RECC became a licensed TrustMark scheme operator in January 2017 following a thorough assessment of all of RECC’s processes for vetting and inspecting installers, as well as its customer service policies, compliance audits, quality management and complaint handling procedures. All RECC members who sign up to TrustMark will now be able to display the TrustMark logo to give additional protection and reassurance to customers.

Mark Cutler, Head of Operations at RECC affirmed, “Like RECC, TrustMark seeks to build consumer confidence and increase opportunities for reputable firms. Becoming a TrustMark Scheme Operator strengthens our commitment to supporting our wider industry and it also provides our members with a badge that they can display to prove to customers that they have been vigorously assessed and inspected and will work to Government-endorsed standards. We believe that TrustMark membership will be a great opportunity for our members who work across more than one of the home improvement and energy efficiency sectors, giving their customers the necessary confidence that they will benefit from high standards of workmanship and consumer protection across the piece.”

Simon Ayers, Chief Executive of TrustMark, said: “We are delighted to have RECC as a new Scheme Operator, particularly as they have demonstrated the high standards expected of all scheme operators. Last year, more than 8.3 million search results were provided to homeowners who used TrustMark’s website and telephone helpline, of which renewable energy trades were the most sought after and saw the biggest rise.

“It’s not always easy to know where to find the right firm in your local area, let alone one that has been genuinely vetted and inspected and can give you a warranty on their work. This is why TrustMark was set up over 10 years ago. Homeowners can feel confident when employing a TrustMark-registered business that it is committed to working to Government-endorsed standards of competence and consumer protection.”