SOLARWATT hosts storage training ahead of first UK deliveries

SOLARWATT, the leading German pioneer of high-performance dual-glass solar PV energy production and storage systems, has hosted its first one-week international training programme for specialists, leading to the first deliveries of the MyReserve storage system for the UK and Ireland.

Engineers, technicians, managers and sales people from Wind & Sun and BHC Distributors, both leading distributors of renewable energy solutions and installation specialists, as well as employees from SOLARWATT’s operation in Australia attended the intensive session at the company’s Dresden headquarters.

The course was specifically aimed at providing the necessary skills to introduce SOLARWATT’s MyReserve unit to the UK and Irish markets. MyReserve is a battery storage system designed to increase self-consumption from existing and new solar PV.

The exhaustive programme also covered design, installation and commissioning of dual-glass solar PV modules and Energy Manager, the company’s intelligent management system. The group were instructed in health and safety, transport, lithium ion battery handling and diagnostics. Also undertaken were full installation, product servicing and software updating to “train the trainers”. Course leaders included Dr Andreas Gutsch and Dr Olaf Wollersheim, both formerly of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and now employed by SOLARWATT, who are leading authorities on lithium ion battery technology and energy storage, with several years’ experience.

After meeting Detlef Neuhaus, CEO of SOLARWATT, the eight delegates toured the ultra-modern, automated factory to see the company’s advanced dual-glass modules being manufactured.

James Ford, a member of Wind & Sun’s technical team, said: “We have seen the emergence of a new breed of grid-connected battery storage systems to reduce strain on the grid networks and help home owners increase their independence from the unknowns of grid derived electricity.

“The right system must be relatively easy to install and does not require lengthy and costly conversations with the electricity network. The size of battery storage must be appropriate for the typical UK domestic system but still have flexibility to expand. MyReserve ticks all of the boxes. We were especially impressed with the safety and longevity of the battery as we wish to sell systems that have the highest regard to safely installing lithium ion batteries in living spaces and creating the lowest cost-over-life use of a battery system.”

Pearse McHenry, Managing Director of BHC, said: “I was very impressed. MyReserve is the best, most advanced battery available anywhere so it’s very reassuring to see how easy it is to install, and to optimise using SOLRWATT’S online configurator to ensure maximum working efficiency of both new and already fitted systems. Having toured the factory and seen the manufacturing quality, I understand how SOLARWATT offers a comprehensive 30-year warranty product and performance warranty on dual-glass modules.

McHenry, whose company operates in both Northern Ireland and the Republic, added: “I’ll also be recommending Energy Manager to our customers because you can see at a glance how much electricity you’re generating and consuming, and today people want transparency.”

Pol Spronck, SOLARWATT’s International Sales Manager, said: “As the first supplier with a complete dual-glass product portfolio, SOLARWATT is a major industry innovator. With the addition of MyReserve to our manufacturing portfolio, we are leading the way in solar plus storage.

“As well as offering the best training by leading European experts, we like our partners to experience our manufacturing process first-hand. We are pleased with the very positive response from both companies. Following the training sessions, we have received our first orders for MyReserve for the UK and Ireland.”

Both BHC Distributors and Wind & Sun will soon be providing certified installer training for SOLARWATT systems. Having successfully completed their training, both parties are fully equipped for the MyReserve UK product launch, due to take place soon.

SOLARWATT is expanding following a substantial investment by Stefan Quandt, of the family that is the largest shareholder in BMW. All solar PV modules and MyReserve battery storage products are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Germany, so customers benefit from very attractive solar PV + storage packages.