Waxman Energy introduce BYD battery packs

Waxman Energy, specialist in the design and distribution of Solar PV and battery storage systems, has introduced BYD battery packs to its growing energy storage product portfolio.

As the solar landscape changes, with more emphasis on self sufficiency and solar independence, Waxman Energy understands that it is important to offer products that meet the growing needs of installers. Evolving with the industry to offer a wide selection of battery storage products, Waxman Energy has partnered with BYD to provide battery packs that are compatible with a number of storage systems.

Introducing the BYD B-Plus 2.5, a cutting edge Iron-Phosphate Battery that has been developed to offer streamlined energy storage. Manufactured by the same company that gives power to London’s electric buses, the BYD B-Plus 2.5 is a single 2.5kW battery with an innovative and reliable design that can be used alongside battery storage inverters to maximise the use of solar PV generated energy.
The main battery features include:

· Excellent safety performance

· Stable discharge platform

· Long life cycle

· High temperature performance

· High energy density

· High charge & discharge rate

· High energy transfer efficiency

· Environment friendly

Waxman Energy is confident that the BYD B-Plus 2.5 will be a complementary addition to its solar PV battery storage offerings, such as GoodWe’s ES and BP systems of which the B-Plus 2.5 is compatible. The battery is available to order both online and via the Waxman Energy sales office.