Mibec launch new Heat Interface Unit

Mibec have introduced the new Hiper Heat Interface Units into the company’s product range. The Hiper HIU is suitable for projects as diverse as apartments, social housing, holiday homes and parks or RHI district heating schemes. The Hiper HIU is compact and requires very little space in the property and is easy to install.

An HIU basically fulfils the same function as a gas boiler in a property when used as part of a communal heating network. A central plant room (either a gas boiler or a renewable energy source) will generate heat which is distributed through a network of pipes to each separate property in the building. Each home or apartment has its own HIU installed, which uses heat distributed from the central network to provide heating and domestic hot water (DHW) for use in the home, completely replacing the requirement for individual boilers in each property. To the end user it’s just like having a boiler as normal but without the flame.

The new Hiper HIU offers high energy efficiency, instantaneous hot water availability, standby mode temperature control and low return temperatures back to the network. The design is user friendly and meets all varying demands of the home.

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