HETAS backs carbon monoxide awareness week

HETAS has joined a growing list of organisations committed to raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

As part of its support for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week it is providing the following top tips to homeowners:

The dangers
Fuels such as gas, oil and biomass all have the potential to emit poisonous CO. Common symptoms include headaches, breathlessness, nausea and visual problems. Gas cannot be seen, smelt or tasted.

CO detectors
Correct placement is essential in homes. HETAS advises a high level, fixed to a wall or ceiling between one and three metres from a heating appliance.

HETAS CEO, Bruce Allen, said: “We are proud that HETAS registered installers educate consumers about the correct and regular maintenance of solid fuel appliances and flues. Installing CO alarms is a requirement our installers must adhere to in order to meet building regulations.

“We at HETAS also want to highlight that it is important for homeowners to be reminded that a CO alarm is not to be used as a substitute for regular maintenance of their stoves.”