PR700 REHAU RAUTHERMEX Duo pipe which is now available in a wider range of sizes for optimum system efficiency
REHAU has extended its range of RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated polymer pipework, offering installers of district heating systems more ways to reduce costs.

The company has introduced a new, smaller twin pipe – RAUTHERMEX 20mm Duo – and what it says is the largest twin district heating pipe available in the UK – RAUTHERMEX 75mm Duo.

REHAU’s range of Duo pipes in RAUTHERMEX was previously limited to sizes between 25mm and 63mm.

Steve Richmond, business team manager for REHAU’s renewable energy products, said: “Our focus is on providing the optimum range of pipework so that our customers can choose exactly the right specification for each product without compromises. On large scale, long term projects, even marginal improvements in efficiency and prices made at design and installation stage can translate to quite significant savings later on.”