Greenworks partners with Bosch

Bosch 1
Greenworks Training Academy has officially partnered with Bosch tools, to offer its customers hands-on training.

The latest Bosch products are now available to test drive at Greenwork’s 15,000 sq ft facility in Birmingham, whilst Greenworks also takes its services to selected branches of Grahams, Gibbs and Dandy and Jewson.

A spokesman for Bosch said: “Greenworks Training Academy is renowned for offering some of the most advanced hands-on training available, advocating best practice and safe working. By partnering with them we ensure that demonstrations and training will be delivered to the highest possible standards, both at its state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham and through mobile training at its sister companies; Jewson, Gibbs & Dandy and Grahams.”

Marcus Jefford, marketing and operations director at Greenworks, said: “We know first hand that tradespeople from all walks of life and disciplines love their power tools, so we’re pleased that we can offer them an opportunity to take a closer look at products coming through.”