NIBE publish exhaust air heat pump factsheet

Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE
Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE
NIBE has published a guide explaining the European Commission’s decision in 2013 to classify exhaust air heat pumps as renewable technology.

Published on the NIBE website, the two page factsheet explains the theory behind official European heat pump guidelines which came into effect in 2013. They establish that exhaust air heat pumps operating at SPF 2.5 or more are legally classified as renewable heating technology.

Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE, said: “The decision to recognise exhaust air systems as renewables marked an important development for the European heat pump market as a whole – but many are unsure about the capabilities this technology has in the UK. Designed to keep well-insulated homes warm, comfortable and healthy, exhaust air heat pumps will have an increasingly important role to play as we move towards a truly zero-carbon future.

“Here at NIBE, we’re committed to ensuring that this role is not overlooked because of a lack of understanding or awareness. We’re urging anyone in the trade who’s unsure about the facts about EAHPs to utilise the tools on our website, or to talk to our team of experts to find out more.”