Plumb and Parts Center reports RHI seminar success

plumb centre
This year, Plumb and Parts Center has been running a series of seminars around the UK in order to broaden understanding of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

The events were for installers that have already embraced renewable technologies as well as those looking to get started. They had a detailed analysis of the eligibility for the scheme, as well as presentations from some of the major players in the industry.

The Seminars ran at thirteen different locations around the UK and a number of them included an overview by a representative from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), explaining the options and the opportunities for the industry.

Sales and events manager, Kate Gilbert spoke about the training and certification routes run in association with partners Sevenoaks Energy Academy and easy MCS, and the routes to becoming qualified MCS Installers

Staff from biomass technology suppliers Trianco or Grant were also on hand to explain the benefits of biomass heating systems, as well as the pay back opportunities that the installer’s clients can get from having one of their systems installed under the RHI.

Representatives from heat pump and solar thermal suppliers also made presentations to give installers expert information on their respective systems.

Plumb and Parts Center’s head of sustainability, Tim Pollard who made presentations on the business opportunities that have been made available by the RHI, said: “More people are thinking about their impact on the environment these days, and many are looking for low impact replacements for their gas and electric systems.

“These seminars have been a great success, and we feel that installers who attended are really starting to get to grips with the benefits and changes that the RHI will bring. We’re really excited about the potential renewable technologies have and are looking forward to seeing what the future has to offer.”

You can find uploads of the presentations at