NIBE expands buffer vessel range

NIBE has introduced two new, increased-capacity buffer vessels to its high-performance UKV range – specifically designed for use in large-scale commercial applications.

The new 750-litre and 1,000-litre UKV buffer vessel units are designed to meet the significant water heating and storage requirements of large-scale heat pump and biomass installations

Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE, said: “We have seen increasing demand from the commercial sector for high-performance, high-capacity hot water storage solutions – so the expansion of our UKV buffer vessel range is a direct response to this. In addition to providing high-quality, reliable hot water storage solutions for domestic properties of all sizes and smaller-scale commercial applications, we wanted to extend our offering to accommodate large-scale commercial projects too. The new 750L and 1,000L units have also been designed with installers in mind, with features such as detachable insulation providing ultimate convenience – and dependable, consistent performance guaranteeing customer satisfaction.”

NIBE’s UKV buffer vessels are fully equipped to connect to a variety of different heat sources, including the full range of NIBE ground source and air source heat pumps and biomass boilers, as well as traditional fossil fuel boilers.