Two minutes with… NIBE

Phil Hurley EDIT

Who are you?
Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE Energy Systems

What do you do?
As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the renewable heating sector, NIBE specialises in high-tech energy-saving solutions including air source, ground source and exhaust air heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar thermal packages and whole-house ventilation. We also offer comprehensive installer training courses.

Where are you?
Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire.

How’s business at the moment?
Very good. We recently launched our new F2040 air source heat pump range, as well as the Pellux 100 biomass boiler, and sales are increasing month by month. Bolstered by the introduction of the domestic RHI, the renewables industry is definitely regaining the buzz it had a few years ago.

How could it be better?
The government’s recent decision (as announced in the Queen’s speech) to significantly scale back its 2016 Zero Carbon Homes pledge came as a blow to the industry. It will have a knock-on effect on the deployment of renewable technologies in new homes.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
On my first day in sales, I was told to always wear a suit and tie, never to wear white socks, and that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason – so always listen to the customer’s needs.

How are you going green?
Our offices are fitted with a NIBE 16kW F2040 air source heat pump and a NIBE VVM320 indoor module, which meet the heating, cooling and hot water requirements of the whole building.  I’ve also installed a NIBE F1145 ground source heat pump and NIBE solar thermal panels at my own house.