Northumberland business replicates Kiwi success

Shane and Susie McDonald
Shane and Susie McDonald
The owners of Northumberland-based Calibrate Energy are celebrating transferring their successful New Zealand business model to the UK having secured a full order book till the end of the year.

Having sold a successful New Zealand business last year to return to the UK, Shane and Susie McDonald were convinced they could replicate exactly the same business model from their offices in Northumberland. And with a network of clients spanning the country, Calibrate Energy claims to be doing exactly that with funding recently offered from angel investors to support the growth of and the technology behind the business.

One of these technologies is the remote monitoring system that Calibrate includes on all its installations and which it says can slash the cost of operational maintenance for any renewable heat pump system installed.

“We are very proud to be providing our customers with leading edge technology never before used or available in this country,” said Shane.

“We’re very passionate about sourcing and using the very best technology and retrofitting this to suit the customer need. All our clients can be absolutely reassured that they’re getting the very best, most technologically advanced equipment on the market, that will deliver the very best performance and is bespoke to their business requirements.”