NIBE extends heat pump warranty

NIBE has extended the warranty on key products across its heat pump and biomass ranges to seven years

Energy efficiency rating

The extended warranty applies to all parts and labour for NIBE F2040 and F2300 air source heat pump systems, NIBE F1145, F1245 and F1345 ground source heat pumps systems and NIBE Pellux 100 and Vedex 3300 biomass boilers, although these must have been commissioned by a NIBE VIP installer.

Phil Hurley, managing director at NIBE, said: “Now that the domestic RHI has launched, our heat pump and biomass warranties match its seven-year payments window. This means homeowners choosing a NIBE VIP Installer to fit their air source or ground source heat pump or biomass boiler can not only confidently rely on RHI tariff payments for the next seven years, but also on long-term system performance and the highest-quality installation.

“As the RHI rolls out, ensuring correct specification, design, installation and maintenance of renewables will remain integral for this technology to deliver the results it is truly capable of in the UK. The installer workforce is at the heart of this, and at NIBE we want to ensure that our network of accredited VIPs are in the best possible position to respond to rising demand and competition.”