Winning combination

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Thermal Earth has launched a combined biomass boiler able to burn both split logs and wood pellets.

Made by Slovakian company Attack, the wood and pellet boiler has a large 160 litre feeding chamber and can accept logs up to 560mm long. 

It has a heat output of 25kW using wood and 30kW when burning pellets and can continuously burn at full output for 6 hours.

The Attack combined biomass boiler is designed for residential or commercial heating and can integrate with underfloor heating, radiators, domestic hot water and solar thermal.  The boiler features a 5.7” touch screen display with graphical read-out and an option allows control via PC or Smartphone.  

According to Attack, the boiler has high combustion efficiency of 92.2 percent from wood and 93.8 percent with pellets.  This is achieved through a vertical tubular exchanger with large heat exchange area with a lambda probe and special automatically moved turbulators.