Kensa’s new CEO statement

Tamsin Lishman, the newly appointed CEO of The Kensa Group, shares her insights after her first week in the role:

“I’m delighted to join Kensa and be part of such a committed and purposeful team as we lead the way in decarbonising people’s homes, keeping bills down and creating green jobs in the UK.  

“We face a crucial moment for the UK and the world: meeting net zero targets, delivering jobs and growth and ensuring we have the energy security we need without price shocks like last winter. 

“The urgency of the climate crisis is clear, with wildfires across the globe, massive increases in sea temperatures and extreme flooding. In the current cost of living crisis, there is a need for heat, light and transport solutions that support jobs and growth and don’t raise bills. 

Keeping homes cosy (or cool)

“At Kensa, we are passionate about how we can keep people’s homes cosy (or cool) in an affordable way. We’re an award-winning UK-based ground source heat pump company with nearly 25 years of heritage in the industry, pioneering solutions that offer the best value transition to low carbon heating and cooling, from new builds to high-rise flats, terraced streets to listed country manors, schools to businesses – our ground source heat pumps can do it all.

“Our innovative yet simple and effective solutions have earned much acclaim, from featuring on the front page of the Financial Times to most recently at the UK Green Business Awards where our Heat The Streets scheme was named Green Heat Project of the Year and winning at the prestigious European Heat Pump Awards.

“Our award-winning and proven vision is for the UK to deliver affordable and rapid decarbonisation through Networked Heat Pumps: a new utility, the 21st-century equivalent to the gas network. Shared ground arrays are installed in the street, feeding each house or flat heat from the ground to individual heat pumps in each home. UK pension funds and other UK investors fund the ground source infrastructure, like the current gas grid.

Most efficient way to provide heat without hassle

“Customers pay a small standing charge to access the infrastructure as we do today for gas and electricity. Each home will have a small heat pump, a “white box” appliance, like a boiler, under your stairs, in the kitchen or airing cupboard providing heat, hot water and cooling in summer—simple, affordable, flexible, low-maintenance heating, hot water and cooling without any hassle. 

“Ground source heat pumps are the most efficient way of providing heat and cooling to buildings. They take heat from the ground, which is around 10 degrees all year round and boost it – meaning you only need one unit of electricity to provide over three units of heat, even on the coldest days in winter. So this means cheaper bills for customers. 

“The reverse happens in summer when our heat pumps take that 10 degrees from the ground to keep houses, flats and buildings cool and comfortable. 

“Kensa is rapidly growing and creating green jobs across the UK, from manufacturing and R&D to drilling and installing heat pumps.  

Reducing the need to increase investment in electricity

“Networked heat pumps (NHPs) enable net zero for the lowest societal cost, least grid impact and investment. NHPs have 40% lower annual fuel costs than air source heat pumps and would significantly reduce the need to increase investment in electricity generation and help to achieve energy sovereignty. 

“We’ve seen the success in the energy transition in solar and wind, with these now the best ways to deliver low-priced, low-carbon electricity and energy security. Decarbonisation of heat is the next challenge to overcome, and at Kensa, we’re proud to offer a solution that delivers net zero, energy security, economic growth and affordable bills.”