REA strikes back at Cameron renewables smear

The REA has called on the government to set the record straight  on renewable investment following media reports that the prime minister referred to green levies on energy bills as ‘green crap’.

Although 10 Downing Street denies this remark was ever made, several media outlets have reported David Cameron instructing his aides to ‘Get rid of this green cap’ when discussing the prospect of removing  funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency schemes from consumer bills.

The apparent hostility towards the green sector has provoked a strong response from the REA which criticises the effect of leaving the door open to removing the subsidies on securing investment.     

REA chief executive Dr Nina Skorupska said: “This has gone too far. The public debate around energy policy has gone from fever pitch to farce. Our members are already reporting problems securing investment, and this further undermines confidence. With a capacity crunch looming and firm action on climate change ever more urgent, these investments cannot wait.

“We need a clear statement from the government – not one party or the other, not one department or the other – but from the government, on its commitment to delivering the low carbon energy infrastructure this country so desperately needs.”