Downing secures planning for Norfolk’s 49.9 MW solar farm

Downing Renewable Developments, part of the Downing investment group, has received approval to build a 49.9 MW solar farm.

Downing Renewable Developments has received approval for a 49.9 MW solar farm in Norfolk. The Meerdyke Solar Farm will supply clean energy to approximately 12,000 homes annually

Located near Marshland St James in Norfolk, the Meerdyke Solar Farm will generate enough clean energy to supply up to 12,000 homes every year.

The initiative also plans to greatly improve the biodiversity of the 54-hectare site, with a projected increase of 176%. Additionally, Downing has pledged to support the local community by providing free solar installations to residents annually, focusing on those in greatest need.

Tom Williams, partner and head of energy and infrastructure at Downing said: “Downing Renewable Developments is an important part of our business and we are delighted with their latest success.  

Meaningful contribution to the UK’s race to net zero

With more than 25 sites at different stages of development requiring in excess of £4 billion of capital over the next ten years, we are excited to offer our investors the opportunity to join us in making a meaningful contribution to the UK’s transition to net zero.”   

Tony Gannon, head of Downing Renewable Developments, added: “Receiving this planning consent is a major milestone for us, but more importantly this project will contribute to reaching UK net zero targets and offer significant benefits to the local area including contributing to alleviating energy poverty with our long term free domestic solar installation programme.”