Make sense of energy efficiency with Plumb Center

Plumb Center's head of sustainability Tim Pollard
Plumb Center’s head of sustainability Tim Pollard
Plumb Center says it is looking forward to speaking one-to-one with installers as lead sponsors of the Energy Efficiency Exhibitions.

In the UK today there’s a growing population which is putting pressure on resources, and leading to rising energy bills.

Energy efficiency is more important than ever as the industry looks for ways to cut carbon emissions, make buildings more sustainable and help people save money on their fuel bills – and that’s what PlumbCenter will be focussing on at the upcoming exhibitions.

Visitors will be able to attend Plumb Center presentations and learn about how the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Green Deal – government-backed schemes designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the UK – can help their businesses.

Head of sustainability Tim Pollard will be Making Renewable More Do-able with his presentation at the Exhibitions’ RHI Theatre, which will give installers all the information they need to profit from the scheme.

And sales & events manager Kate Gilbert will present Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) made easy, which will help installers on their journey to working with Plumb Center in this new initiative. It can be seen at the Green Deal Theatre, outlining Plumb Center’s ECO scheme and how installers can become involved in another successful revenue stream.

“As an industry we can be in a win-win position because we can make money and save the planet,” said Tim Pollard, “and we shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

“Energy efficiency isn’t just a moral issue and we need to demonstrate to installers, homeowners and anyone who’ll listen, that it makes good, solid, economic sense.

“There are other gains like comfort and having a nicer place to live, but the biggest selling point is that sustainable living will save you money.

“That’s why PlumbCenter is proud to be lead sponsor of the Energy Efficiency Exhibitions, because it gives us the opportunity to speak to installers one-on-one, and talk to them about important topics like the RHI and Green Deal.

“So when you’re there in September come and say hello, we’re really looking forward to talking to you.”