Viessmann launches new line of heat pumps

Viessmann has launched a new line of brine/water heat pumps, offering outputs from 59 kW to 250 kW.

The Vitocal 300-G Pro range is a development of the company’s best-selling Vitocal 300-G heat pump series. Maximum output can be increased almost five times, to 1,200 kW when used in a cascade. Seven outputs are now available: 90 and 120 kW in a single stage, and 90, 120, 150, 180 and 250 kW in two stage units.

The new heat pumps are aimed at industrial, commercial and agricultural settings

“Thanks to the doubling of commercial RHI tariffs, and the requirement for many developments to incorporate renewable energy sources, we’ve seen interest in renewable heating products, such as heat pumps, spread to a wider variety of commercial customers,” said Christian Engelke, technical director of Viessmann.

“We have responded to this trend with the Vitocal 300-G Pro; offering higher, more varied outputs to meet the needs of a wider range of projects.

“At Viessmann, we are always keen to develop technology within the industry and help our customers as much as possible. Inspiration for the integral energy statement facility came from Germany, where customers use it to match the longer-standing government payment tariffs to energy output generated; the control was independently tested and approved for accuracy to be used as an alternative to the meters used in Germany.

“While in the UK the feature may prove helpful in providing supportive evidence for the meter-measured RHI, its key benefit is in highlighting any problems in the system through comparison to historic performance figures, as it automatically illustrates energy usage and production figures and CoP achieved; and cutting maintenance costs and energy wastage as a result.”