Econic launches recruitment drive

Econic's managing director Rob Gardiner
Econic’s managing director Rob Gardiner
Ground-source heat pump specialist Econic has launched a recruitment drive for engineers as its order book continues to grow on the back of a host of successful installations.

The Melton Mowbray-based firm is currently working with a number of major commercial clients on ground pump projects and attributes the increased activity to the rise in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments announced by the government earlier this year.

Econic’s managing director, Rob Gardiner, said: “In the past, ground heat pump technology has presented problems for many owners of buildings looking for renewable heating and/or cooling systems, as the market has suffered from a combination of inexperienced ground-source designers and poor installations, which resulted in sub-standard systems.

“Econic’s depth of experience and geothermal technical expertise, combined with use of innovative ground energy collectors, thermal storage techniques and the latest ground source heat pump technology, is overcoming those barriers.

“We’re now looking to expand our team of engineers. We’re already anticipating a strong 12 months ahead with a number of innovative projects in the pipeline.

“There is no doubt the RHI tariff changes are playing a major part in the increasing interest in the technologies we offer. RHI will continue to be a strong driving force for the sector.

“Potential clients can now clearly see the benefits of ground pump technology as a long-term source of their energy needs.

“We continue to work with clients to provide the solutions that work for them and to show the potential that ground pump technology has in this country.”

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