Anesco hits 11,000 PV system mark

Adrian Pike, ceo of Anesco
Adrian Pike, ceo of Anesco
Anesco has announced reaching the 11,000 mark in the number of UK solar systems it manages on a daily basis – with a net capacity of almost 80MW – through its operation and maintenance service AnescoMeter.

The service provides a microgeneration maintenance package for investment organisations, businesses, local authorities and homeowners.

The company says its service is unique in not only monitoring systems but managing repairs and maintenance, with Anesco’s own team of maintenance engineers on hand to ensure any faults identified are quickly rectified.

“The original concept for AnescoMeter was based around people investing in building infrastructure with 20-25year incentive schemes,” said Adrian Pike, ceo of Anesco.

“When we launched the service in 2010, no-one had a system that was built specifically to monitor schemes and control how they are repaired and maintained, to ensure they work to the original design.”

He added: “What always amazes me is that many people still aren’t monitoring the performance of their systems. Lots of solar schemes have been deployed rapidly but with no process in place to check for any problems or dips in output.

“We’ve been brought in on some existing schemes and found they have been operating at a level as low as 30 per cent of their original design, which is just crazy and means a significant loss in the value of the investment.

“Looking after 11,000 solar schemes is a fantastic milestone in itself, but these figures are set to increase dramatically in the coming months. We are due to complete on a further 40MW of solar this year, along with 2MW of biomass boilers and several thousand existing residential solar systems.”