4eco makes the most of summer sun

With the UK experiencing its longest heat wave since 2006 and temperatures set to remain high, one eco specialist has launched a push for more homeowners to make the most of renewable resources.

Jodi Huggett, director of 4Eco – immerSUN, believes that consumers could be saving money and generating a significant amount of free energy simply by embracing green technologies.

“Over the last few weeks, clear skies and tropical temperatures have resulted in the highest levels of sunshine so far this year,” said Jodi.

“With these faultless conditions, now is the perfect time to be looking towards renewable solutions and taking advantage of green energy resources.

“PV panels are a great way to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and, what’s more, they can significantly reduce utility bills and help protect the environment.

“Over the last six years, 4Eco has been helping homeowners across the country to save money and reduce reliance on mains supply. In 2012, we introduced the immerSUN, a green gadget that helps users to self-consume even more renewable energy generated from microgen devices.

“Once installed, the unit reduces an average household’s energy bill by around £250 per year by diverting electricity generated by PV panels directly to an immersion heater, storage heater, or electric underfloor heating. Without the immerSUN, up to 70 per cent of the electricity could be exported to the grid.

“We’ve been inundated over the last few days with feedback from customers who have been delighted with the amount of energy generated and saved by embracing eco technologies and making the most of the hot weather.

“One homeowner has been generating, on average, over 25kWh every day, which is enough to power the whole house, while another of our customers has reported having a tank of hot water after just a few hours of sunshine.

“Although this is great feedback and demonstrates the potential of embracing renewable resources, I believe that more needs to be done to champion sustainability across the UK.

“Lowering carbon emissions is everyone’s business, and we all need to make a commitment to reducing our environmental impact. It’s easy to lower energy use at home, and, what’s more, a few small changes can really help to reduce utility bills!”