Quantum series goes home

WINAICO has started production of a 48 cell version of its QUANTUM series module.

The module has the same dimensions as the standard WINAICO Blackline Poly 48 cell modules (1347 x 999 x 40 mm), but with a reported module efficiency of 16.35 per cent.

Sascha Rossmann, vice president of global sales, said: “This new series offers residential customers a module with one of the highest outputs per square meter that is available on the market. The module was especially developed for the Japanese spaced constrained rooftop market in order to ensure the maximum performance generated for our customers. Our relentless investment in R&D and process optimization has yielded a module with a 10-20 per cent higher nominal output than the commonly available 48 cell modules.

“Furthermore the exclusive use of Taiwanese cells and PERC technology results in a module efficiency rate of 16.35 per cent which is an excellent result for a 48 cell module. Following the introduction and great reception of the 60 cell QUANTUM we are very happy to introduce the 48 cell version. The module once again confirms our position as a quality and technological leader in high efficiency PV module production.”