Public support for renewables rises


The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has published the results of its fifth public tracking survey, which seeks to gauge public attitutes to renewable energy.

In data collected from March 27-31 in a sample of 2,051 households in the UK, support for renewable energy sources contributing to the UK’s electricity mix rose from 79 per cent to 82 per cent.

88 per cent of respondents said they were concerned about steep rises in energy bills while 66 per cent were concerned about climate change.

In response to the findings, energy secretary Ed Davey said: “The findings from today’s survey show that energy and climate change issues are at the forefront of people’s minds.  It comes as no surprise that energy bills are a concern, but the increase in collective switching awareness, as more and more people club together to increase their energy buying power, is encouraging.

“82 per cent of people interviewed for the study were supportive of renewable energy – a rise of 3 per cent from last year.  This shows clear public support for government to continue in its efforts of developing for low-carbon, home grown forms of energy.”

Results from the survey can be read in full by clicking here.