3 in 1

suction diffuser lock_up
Xylem Lowara UK has launched a new Triple-Duty Valve and Suction Diffuser which it says can cut installation costs on hydronic pumping systems by up to a third.

Designed to perform all of the functions normally required on the discharge side of a hydronic pumping system, the new Triple-Duty Valve is aimed for use in commercial applications in multi-storey buildings, such as hotels, offices and schools.

The Triple-Duty Valve replaces three separate valves normally used in these applications, namely the conventional non-return, isolation and commissioning valves.  In addition, the new Triple-Duty Valve is said to require significantly shorter lengths of discharge pipe and can offer further installation cost savings by reducing labour time and materials costs thus saving space in mechanical plant rooms.

Gary Wilde, business development & marketing manager for Xylem Lowara UK Ltd, said: “The new 3-in-1 valve combines a calibrated balance valve, a spring loaded check valve and an isolation shut-off valve, making it an exciting addition to our portfolio of products and accessories. Fitting one valve instead of three can make installations more straight forward, saving money on both labour and materials.  The new valve is ideal for use in commercial zoned pumping, parallel and standby pumping and condenser water applications. With such a variety of sizes and connections available, there is sure to be one that fits the job in hand.”

Lowara says its Suction Diffuser is an angle pattern flow straightening fitting that can provide the ideal flow conditions for pump suction. Combining a diffuser-strainer, an orifice cylinder and full length straightening vanes, the new compact design of the Lowara diffuser is designed to offer all the power of a market leading model, in a smaller footprint. Like the Triple Duty Valve, the new Suction Diffuser could deliver cost savings by eliminating the need for long pipe runs to the suction side of the pump.

Gary Wilde added: “The new Suction Diffuser is specifically designed to help the pump perform at its optimum level of efficiency by delivering a uniform flow pattern which reduces uneven stress to the impeller and shaft. This helps to deliver cost efficiencies and prolongs the overall life of the pump.

“These two new additions to our portfolio are part of our continual development of innovative market leading products that are designed to meet the needs of our customers. As the heating and plumbing industry continues to move in favour of sustainable and cost effective solutions, we aim to provide high quality products that meet the exacting requirements of commercial specification.”