REHAU launches new manifold

PR621 RAUGEO Click Manifold launched at Ecobuild
REHAU launched a new RAUGEO Click modular manifold system at Ecobuild which it says combines large volume and fast connection with complete onsite flexibility.

It has been designed for use with all REHAU’s ground-source pipework including the RAUGEO PE-Xa, PE and Helix ground source probes, the RAUGEO horizontal collectors and the RAUGEO energy piles.  It can be used with any PE or PE-Xa pipes from d20 to d50 and, according to the company, the module body can rotate 90º so it can be operated on both sides to meet the requirements of virtually any site or project.

REHAU estimates that assembling the manifold, fitting the flow and return sections and then inserting the manifold into the wall bracket supplied can all be achieved in just a couple of minutes.  

The unit can be ordered either pre-assembled and pressure tested and certified in the factory, or it can be built on site depending on the requirements of the application.

Additional connections can be added at any time and there is the option to fit extras such as ball valves or a thermomanometer.

Further details are available via the REHAU website at