PTS return to Pembrokeshire

Plumbing Trade Supplies (PTS) has announced its return to Pembrokeshire, by opening a brand new branch in Pembroke Dock to serve customers in the local area.

The new PTS branch is one of a network of more than 300 across the UK offering plumbing accessories, and has brought much needed employment to Pembrokeshire.

PTS ceased trading in Pembrokeshire two years ago following an acquisition from parent company Travis Perkins which had other similar businesses in the vicinity. Branch manager at the time, Steve Ingram, spent four years serving the people of Pembrokeshire and was delighted to bring PTS back to the local community this year.

Steve said: “Throwing open the doors of our new PTS Pembroke Dock branch was an incredibly memorable experience and I’m delighted to confirm that PTS is back in the local area. I remained in contact with many of our customers while we were away so it really is great to be back.

“At PTS we’re proud to offer the latest in plumbing and heating supplies and value for money. So if you’re looking for the latest products, or simply some good, honest advice about a plumbing or heating issue, then please feel free to drop in and see us.”