Case Study

Realising savings with a solar storage combination

A case study from Future Ready Homes – a joint project which gives householders access to all the help and advice they need to improve the energy efficiency of their homes as well as engaging with contractors and professionals working in retrofit.

Realising savings with a solar storage combination

£780 savings in first 5 months from solar and battery installation

A Shropshire homeowner has started his retrofit journey with the installation of money and carbon saving technology in the form of a solar PV and battery system after a suggestion from his brother. Below he shares the performance from its first five months of use.

“It was my brother who sowed the seed; he lives in Bolton. I contacted the supplier he used and another local supplier and eventually went with my brother’s Bolton-based supplier. With the information I was given I was able to confirm the likely return on capital employed and the payback.

“My main driver was to reduce my carbon footprint. I was using 350KWH per month from the grid and am now at an average of 67KWH per month for the first six months of 2023.”

The installation

  • 14 x JA Solar 395W (5.530Kw)
  • 1 x GivEnergy 5.0Kw Hybrid Inverter
  • 1 x GvEnergy 9.5kWh Battery


The Solar PV satisfies the demand from the property first and any surplus is then transferred to the battery. When the battery is full, and generation is greater than the demand from the property, surplus power is sold back to the grid.

Price for export 10.6 -13.2p/Kw so far in 2023. 



£700 = The total savings for the first five months of 2023 when compared to the usage during the same period in 2022. Based on current electricity prices without the energy price guarantee.


£80 = Export credit for the first three months of 2023.

(Only paid for export from February 2023)

Return on capital employe

  • Savings = 6.9% year to date
  • Export = 0.45% year to date

Additional benefits that can be realised

The installation of an iBoost to the hot water tank will enable the heating of hot water directly from the SPV or from the battery, negating the use of gas.

Current gas price 16.72p/Kw less average price for export 11.9p/Kw = 4.82p/Kw

31.62Kw per day for 123 days during the summer = 3889Kw x 4.82p = £187 per year saving.

Pay back on iBoost 2.6 years.