Clean energy for Workington Port

The Port of Workington’s ongoing £5.7m regeneration programme has been given a green boost with a 50kWp rooftop PV system installed by Cumbria-based Sundog Energy.

Comprising 200 high-efficiency 250kWp PV panels, the system is expected to generate 38,440 kWh in its first year and income under the Feed-in Tariff to offset the port’s daytime running costs.

“With payback for a system like this expected in little over 7 years, and a projected IRR of around 15 percent, solar PV is a really compelling proposition for any business at this time,” said Martin Cotterell, founder and technical director of Sundog Energy.

“It makes perfect sense for other businesses in the area to follow the port’s lead and capitalise on their roof spaces, start saving money, and help turn the region into one of the most energy-efficient in the country.”

Jeremy Lihou, Port of Workington’s port manager, added: “As the person driving the project, I would like to express our satisfaction with the installation so far and we look forward to benefitting from the operational savings and generating a regular income from the FiT payments. This is yet another significant milestone in the work being undertaken at this time to turn our port into a serious, multi-modal terminal and provide a vital link in the county’s infrastructure moving forward.”

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