GEO unveils new monitoring system

Green Energy Options
Green Energy Options (GEO) is releasing its second-generation PV monitoring system.

The Cambridge-based company says the new system comes with an online and mobile service and Smart Plugs for appliance control – designed to improve consumer engagement and help PV installers maintain a competitive advantage.

GEO adds that the Solo II PV bundle allows homeowners to switch devices on/off remotely via a smartphone and view, analyse and control their energy use on the move.

Patrick Caiger-Smith said: “Using the Solo II with energynote gives people a remote sense check of their energy use. From wherever they are, people can monitor levels and decide to use or sell the energy they are generating. This 24/7 energy flexibility means PV owners maximise efficiency and save money, powering high-load appliances when the sun shines and selling back to the grid when they’ve used all they need.”