Solar energy to power Bingham Festival

Solar energy will be taking centre stage this July, helping to power B-festival thanks to the sporting community at Bingham Town Sports Club and Geo Green Power.

View of building from above with solar panels embedded in the roof.

Bingham Festival, fast becoming a cornerstone in the local music calendar, will use solar panels and a low-emission battery system on the festival grounds to power part of the energy needs for the family-focused event.

Spiralling bills following the energy crisis led Bingham Town Sports Club to investigate renewable energy as a way to future-proof their operations against fluctuating electricity rates and enhance their sustainability. 

Complete payback within five years

After securing partial funding through Rushcliffe Borough Council’s UKSPF Community Grants Programme to help cover the installation cost, they’re now producing an estimate of over 19,200 kWh of clean energy every year and will see a complete payback on the system within five years. 

Steve McRobie, club chairman of Bingham Town Sports Club, said: “As a community sports club we aim to keep running costs down so we can invest in the facilities we provide for our members and support our future growth and development.

“We were hit hard by energy price increases last year and new flood lighting is also set to increase our energy usage and costs. We already had a wind turbine on site, so understand how investing in renewables can secure your own supply at a fixed cost. Solar panels, and a battery to store the green energy we generate to use in the evening, was the next sensible option for us to investigate.”

Travel carbon emissions

Bingham Town Sports Club chose to work with Geo Green Power, based in Bradmore, Rushcliffe, on their installation. Geo Green Power had installed solar PV for Minster Vets in 2023, which is situated on the same estate as the sports club, so the club had already seen the renewable energy installer’s workmanship and processes. 

With Geo Green Power being a local installer, carbon emissions associated with travel were also reduced, further improving the sustainability of the project – an important factor for the club. 

Bingham Town Sports Club’s solar installation is now saving 4.5 tonnes of CO2 every year and has an estimated rate of return of 18.19% per annum.

James Cunningham, managing director, Geo Green Power added: “We are delighted to have been able to support the club with securing their renewable energy supply and stabilising utility costs. My team worked with Steve over a 12-month period, from enquiry to order, assisting with the grant application process and presenting to their committee to ensure there was a thorough understanding of our proposal. 

“To underline our support of this scheme, and the important role Bingham Town Sports Club plays in their community, we are also sponsoring the Shed stage at Bingham Fest which will be positioned directly in front of our installation.”

Image: Geo Green Power