Tile up

Redland has added two new clay roof tiles, Fontenelle and Postel, to its range of roofing systems for the UK.

Fontenelle is a flat interlocking tile with a thin leading edge appearance, variable gauge and excellent weather-tightness. Postel is a small format profiled tile with the same qualities and a ‘thin-corn’ aesthetic. Both are now available from merchants.

The Fontenelle is similar in appearance to Redland’s DuoPlain tile. It looks like ever popular plain tiles combined with all the cost and time saving benefits of a contemporary interlocking tile. Fontenelle can be laid at lower pitches than traditional plain tiles, with a lower laid weight due to less tiles being required per sq metre. It comes in colour Brindle.

Redland expects the product’s main market to be new build housing, where housebuilders are looking for attractive plain tile appearance roofs, but at a small cost premium over a typical large interlocking tile.

The Postel tile is a similar size, but has a single roll rather than being totally flat. It can be installed on low pitches with gauge variability, whilst offering the attractiveness of a ‘fine cornet’ tile and guaranteed weather-tightness. It is also available in colour Brindle.

It is anticipated that this tile will be widely used for domestic re-roofing, particularly in London where this shape of tile can be readily found.

Redland products are tested to perform under the most extreme conditions across the UK, and the company also makes sure its roofing systems comply with British Standards and Building Regulations, meaning they will stand the test of time.