Wyke Farms’ biogas plant gets green light

Independent cheese producer and milk processor Wyke Farms has been granted planning permission to build an anaerobic digester (AD) plant near its farms in Somerset.

The plans should see the firm become self-sufficient in clean energy and save over 4 million kilos of CO2 per annum.

Wyke Farms began planning its green strategy in 2005 to source all its electricity from PV and biogas – generated from farm and dairy waste. Building work on the AD plant is expected to begin immediately.

“We are a business that believe in the principles of sustainability. For us it’s about local farming, local sourcing and local supply wherever possible,” said Rich Clothier, managing director.

“When it comes to energy sourcing, it doesnt get more local than collecting the light off of your rooftops and using the gas digested from the manure from your cows. Add to that a commitment to re-use all of the factory waste water again and it starts to get really exciting.”