Preventing breaks

A new shock absorbing tile has been launched designed to simplify the installation of PV arrays.

The HookStop is a patented tile designed to replace fragile plain or rosemary tiles that sit directly under the roof hooks used to support the mounting rails of a roof-mounted PV installation.

“Even when great care is taken, every PV installer knows how easy it is to break fragile plain tiles during – and even after – system installation,” said David Jackson of STF, one of the first stockists of the new product.

“The new HookStop tile is unique. It’s an inexpensive and invaluable addition to any PV installer’s toolkit and feedback has been exceptional. It’s not only easy to fit, an installer can stand on the roof hooks or mounting rail without the risk of breaking the tiles that sit underneath the hooks. This can save a lot of time and, of course, reduce installation costs and aggravation. In every respect, HookStop provides peace of mind, both during and after installation.”