CTC give heat pump boost to Plumb Center

CTC’s Cliff Arnold
Staff at Plumb Center’s specialist renewables branches are now better equipped to advise customers on heat pumps, thanks to training by manufacturer CTC.

The training took place at CTC’s UK headquarters in Droitwich, where CTC general manager Cliff Arnold showed Plumb Center staff how to get the best out of its range of air and ground source heat pumps, and how they can be integrated and managed with more than one heat source.   

“Product knowledge is vital for merchants if they are to sell heat pumps, but so is an understanding of how that relates to installers,” said Cliff.

“Not only have we trained Plumb Center staff on our products, we have also shown them how to get the right information from customers, so that they can answer all their heat pump-related questions. This will help one of the UK’s largest heating suppliers to grow the heat pump market to its potential.”