BPEC kicks off new diploma

BPEC were delighted to recently register its first learners on the newly launched level 2 Diploma in Plumbing & Heating at Tameside College, followed by a number of other colleges and training centres who have recently also registered learners on this new qualification.

Steve Ward of BPEC said: “We are both excited and delighted to see the first 11 learners register for our new diploma at Tameside and we are particularly grateful to the staff at Tameside and a number of other colleges and training centres who have given BPEC great assistance during the development of this Diploma. We are also very pleased with the strong uptake of the new diploma from various colleges and training centres and would like to thank them for choosing BPEC as their Awarding Organisation in this important area”

Ian Hall of Tameside College added: “On behalf of the college and the Plumbing Department I would like to thank BPEC for the exemplary service and customer care that the department received to gain approval for the BPEC Diploma Plumbing and Heating. Everyone is very excited to develop a lengthy relationship with BPEC in the delivery of the Plumbing qualifications. The resources are first class, with the unit/assignment paperwork being of the highest quality and clearly shows that the consultations with centres has been used to create straight forward and concise documents that add a quality feel to the delivery and recording of information, both in centre and on-site. 

“We have had a really good relationship with BPEC c over a number of years delivering assessment and training in domestic gas. We do hope to fully transfer all our new candidates to the BPEC approved scheme in the near future at both Level 2 and 3. This is an extremely exciting time to be involved in the delivery of the BPEC Diploma in Plumbing and Heating and here at Tameside College all the staff involved are very proud that we are the first in the country to register a group of Apprentices on the qualification.”