Nu stat range

Nu-Heat has launched a new, wider range of thermostats to meet the more sophisticated needs of its heating systems.

The new range was implemented after discussions with installers at a seminar series. These installers told Nu-Heat that they would like to see simple wall-mounted dial versions with smart app options. Nu-Heat says its offer includes options to fulfil these expectations. Benefits of the range includes:

Dial version (standard offer)
Dial thermostats (DS): mains voltage, digital stat with setback facility, supplied with a four-channel timeclock. 

Pushbutton: mains and wireless
Pushbutton mains (PbS):  Programmable thermostat, mains voltage, with a backlit screen.
Pushbutton wireless (PbR): As PbS but wireless.

Low voltage push button and touchscreen
Pushbutton Low Voltage (PbL): Programmable thermostat, low voltage, networkable. Backlit screen. Requires CAT5 screened cable.
Touchscreen Low Voltage (TsL): As PbL but with touchscreen rather than push button.

Central touchscreen console and/or smartphone App options

Other benefits include:

  • Greater choice
  • Uniform appearance
  • Smart App and web-based control options
  • Set-back facility for all thermostats
    • Improved zone control
    • Ideal options for new build or refurbishment