NIBE puts its customers first

NIBE Energy Systems has launched a campaign to ensure consumer satisfaction for its exhaust air heat pump users.

Having recognised that the technology may be unfamiliar to some UK consumers, NIBE is producing a DVD as an easy to follow guide to system use. In addition, a free-of-charge engineer will visit any exhaust air heat pump owner. This visit will include filter replacement, a service and user training. Although exhaust air heat pumps are a well-established technology in Europe, the company says they are still relatively new to the UK.

NIBE UK managing director, Phil Hurley, said: “They are rapidly growing in popularity though, as people appreciate the results they deliver and the environmental benefits of the system. However, users who are perhaps used to switching a gas boiler on and off, will find they work in a different way, so we are committed to doing the utmost to help our consumers get the best possible experience from their NIBE system.”

NIBE will include the DVD it is producing with all new installations as well as delivering a copy to as many existing users as possible and placing it on its website and social media sites.